Drafted into the army in early 1942.

early 1942.

In early '42 Robert was drafted into the army. He enlisted on May 20 in Fort Devens (MA). On May 25 he arrived at Camp Bowie (TX), where he received his basic military training. Then he was at Fort Benning (GA) where he followed a rigorous training as a paratrooper.

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Stationed in Berkshire England

Berkshire, Sept. 5, 1943

From September 1943 Robert and his comrades were stationed in the English in the county of Wiltshire. Until early June 1944 they received further training in preparation for the imminent invasion of the European mainland.

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The invasion of Normandy

D-Day, June 6, 1944

On June 6, 1944 (D-Day) the men of 506 PIR flew from Greenham Common Airport(Berkshire) to the coast of Normandy. They were dropped into Drop Zone "C" north of Hiesville behind Utah Beach. In June they were fighting in Normandy.

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Operation Market Garden

Son, September 17, 1944

The second mission for the men of 506th PIR was Operation Market Garden. They were dropped into Drop Zone 'B' near Son, north of Eindhoven. After the paratroopers had landed the local people came out of hiding and helped their liberators whenever possible.

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The Bulge ('Ardennenoffensif')

Bastogne, Dec. 18, 1944

On 16 Dec 1944. the Germans launched a barrage of some 2,000 guns, a large-scale attack: theBattle of the Bulge (Ardennes). 101 Airborne Division was hurriedly sent to Bastogne, a key hub which at all costs needed to stay in Allied hands.

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Killed by friendly fire

Dormagen, April 13, 1945

On April 2 PIR 506 went to the front line in the Ruhr area, on the west bank of the Rhine. On April 13, Robert went with a GE combat patrol. They were observed by the Germans and shot. Easy company knew nothing of the patrol, thought that is was Germans crossing the Rhine and opened fire. With disastrous consequences ...

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July 1943 (?)

Registration ARC

September 1943

to the UK

July 16, 1944

Landing on Utah Beach

March 15, 1945


May 1, 1945

Died on pleasure flight

June 19, 1945

Buried in Margraten, Block RR, Row 12 Grave 290

November 23, 1943

Departure for Europa

January 20, 1944

Arriving in England

June 1944

Landing Omaha Beach

US enters the war

December 11, 1941

Nazi Germany declares war on the US

Turnaround WWII

Februari 2, 1943

Battle of Stalingrad: Red Army defeats Germans


Robert Watts

Killed by friendly fire

Name: Robert M. Watts
Born: October 3, 1918
Died: April 13, 1945, 26 years old
Rank & Military
Private first class, intelligence section S-2, 506 Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101 Airborne Division
Cemetary: Walls of the Missing

Robert M. Watts was born on October 3, 1918
and grew up in the coastal town of Seabrook in New
Hampshire. Before the war he was a shoemaker.
He was called up for service and trained as a paratrooper and was assigned to the intelligence section of

506 Parachute Infantry Regiment. Robert Watts fought successively in Normandy, during
Market Garden and the Battle of the Bulge.

He died tragically on April 13, 1945 by 'friendly fire' when his combat patrol was shot at by men of Easy Company, 506 PIR (better known as the Band of Brothers). Robert Watts' body was never found. His name is on the Walls of the Missing in Margraten. Robert was 26 years old.


The story of the American paratroopers became
world famous in the Second World War
by the book and the TV series Band of Brothers.
Robert Watts did not belong to the same regiment,
but his story is the same: as a paratrooper he jumped on
D-Day and a few months later during Operation Market

Robert Watts, Robert Cole and the men of Band of Brothers were paratroopers: infantry soldiers who were trained to start their war as paratroopers. Their training was almost impossibly difficult. But the american paratroopers were also the cream of the crop. They were elite troops.