American Red Cross ‘girls’

During World War II the US Army requested the American Red Cross to contribute to the recreational services to the military in various operational areas. The main purpose of these services was to provide distraction to the soldiers at times when they were not directly involved in battle. One of those services was the Clubmobiles

For this the Red Cross recruited skilled all-American girls between 25 and 35 years. The selection was strict. They had to have good physical and mental health.

The idea was that by sending all-American girls The idea was that by sending all-American girls, it would lift the morale of US troops overseas. They were to be friendly to the soldiers, but the girls were not to go further than that. Jokes and the jitterbug were allowed but nothing more!

The Red Cross deliberately chose not to give their volunteers military ranks, but to call them 'girls'.

Involved: Dorothy Jane Burdge was as an 'American Red Cross Girl', she served on a Clubmobile.

The logo of the American Red Cross Club Mobile
Source:Collection Arie-Jan van Hees

A Clubmobile team 'in the field'. The fatigue is to be seen on their faces.
Source: Life Magazine / Bob Landry

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