1948 - 1949: Repatriation and reburial

When it was decided that Margaten would definitely be the location for an American Cemetery, the relatives of the soldiers were given the choice: to leave their fallen relative finally buried in Margraten or to choose for them to be repatriated to the United States. There the fallen could be buried at an official national cemetery or a local cemetery (optional). A fourth option was that the remains could be transferred to the home country of the deceased or to the family (if that was not the United States.)

The relatives of 10,000 deceased chose to repatriate their beloved family member. Eventually the graves of 8,301 of the deceased were in Margraten.

At the reburial of the dead the help of the local population was again required. The work was completed in 1949. Upon completion of the work, the cemetery was transferred to the American Battle Monument Commission.

Book: 'From farm field to field soldiers' tells the story of the soldiers and local residents of Margraten who were involved in the construction of the cemetery.

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The cemetery in 1948

Private first class Verl Miller (Vak H, rij 6, graf 4).
Source: Collection Arie-Jan van Hees

The final design for the cemetery
Source: Public domain / Collection Foundation Akkers of Margraten

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