Churchill ‘Crocodile’ flame thrower tanks

The Churchill tank was a heavy tank used during World War II by the British Army and is named after the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. A Churchill tank was about 7.5 meters long, 2.5 meters wide, 3.5 meters higher and weighed 40 tons. It could reach a speed of 20 km / h and had a range of 145 km on a full tank.

During WWII a total 5640 of these tanks were built, in many variations. The difference was always in the composition of the armament. A special version was the 'Churchill Crocodile' equipped with a flamethrower, which was particularly feared by the Germans.

This special tank was invented by Major General Sir Percy Hobart, commander of the specialized 79th Armored Division. He invented several special tanks, involved in bridge building, mine detection and flamethrowers. These were nicknamed "Hobart's Funnies".

In the 20s Hobart's sister was married to Bernard Law Montgomery, who by November 1944 had risen to Marshal and Chief of the British Army.

The 'original version' of the Churchill Tank
Source: IWM TR 215/publiek domein/collectie AJvH

British Churchill Crocodile tank in action
Source: National Army Museum / collectie Arie-Jan van Hees

Source: Publiek domein

Percy Hobart
Source: Publiek domein

The Sherman Crab developed by Percy Hobart and which served as a minesweeper.
Source: Publiek domein

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